Summer Drop In




Summer Drop In

Each week we will be teaching a new range of skills. Classes are full of fun games and activities to keep your dog learning this summer!
Dates are as follows:

✅CONFIDENCE- 15th of June (9:30) 20th of June (12:00)
✅AGILITY- 22nd of June (9:30) 27th of June (12:00) 27th of July (9:30) 1st of August (12:00)
✅IMPULSE CONTROL- 29th of June (9:30)
✅SCENT WORK- 6th of July (9:30) 11th of July (12:00)
✅RECALL-13th of July (9:30) 18th of July (12:00)
✅TRICKS- 20th of July (9:30) 25th of July (12:00)
✅LIFESKILLS- 10th of August (9:30) 15th of August (12:00)