⭐ Day 1: Kong Enrichment ⭐

If you have not already downloaded it, join us through a 30-day enrichment guide

full of fun games and activities you can do with your pets. You can download your FREE copy here : https://www.talking-tails.co.uk/index.php/shop/

⭐ Day 3: Leg Weaves ⭐

This is a great exercise to help you with your loose lead walking!
When you reward your dog for being close to you,
they are reinforced that it’s a good place to be. For those of you with large breed dogs,
we understand this exercise may not be a smart idea! We suggest using weave poles instead e.g. Bamboo poles which you can place in the ground

⭐ Day 8: D.I.Y Agility ⭐

Fun exercise for you and your dog!

⭐ Day 12: Bobbing for Treats ⭐

Fun enrichment for your dog on sunny days!

⭐ Day 14: Musical Sit ⭐

High energy game that’s great to reinforce recall!

⭐ Day 18: Cooperative Care ⭐

This is a nice way of getting your pets to willingly take part in handling that might be used at the vets or groomers!

I do some reps where Astro is rewarded when I touch around his mouth, eventually I can check his teeth. He can disengage from the training whenever he wants to. Freedom of choice is important!

⭐ Day 20: Teach Your Dog A New Trick ⭐

Astro learnt to foot target onto a bell. Not only does this increase his confidence around new noises, it also improves his learning ability. Plus it is alot of fun!

⭐ Day 21: Treat Tag ⭐

Make recalls fun and more effective by playing this game!

⭐ Day 24: Find It ⭐

Not only does this exercise provide calming enrichment for your dog, it also is a fantastic way to get your dogs attention when you need to!

In the second clip you can see that Astro is distracted by someone but as soon as i say Find It he comes to engage with me.

⭐ Day 27: Catch ⭐

An amazingly fun way to teach your dog focus!
Broccoli isn’t for every dog……we will stick with treats next time Astro

⭐ Day 30: Bed & Breakfast ⭐

The finally exercise on this enrichment guide lets your dog have well deserved rest!

Astro has learnt that being on the bed gets him rewards. Now I can use the bed command in all sorts of settings, I use this training to stop him barking at the postman!

⭐Thank you ⭐

Thanks to everyone who took part in our 30 day enrichment challenge. We hope you enjoy the best bits. Remember enrichment is very valuable for your pets, so keep it up and you will see great results!!