About us

Talking Tails is owned by Lydia Vaux and Clare Kerr , who have been working alongside each other for the past 5 years.
Together they are proud to have created a pet service which caters to all types of dogs no matter what their struggle might be.
At Talking Tails all dogs are given the opportunity to succeed !

Lydia Vaux  BSc (Hons)

Lydia Vaux BSc (Hons)

Lydia has been caring for dogs the past 7 years. Since completing her university degree she has applied her knowledge of animal psychology and ethics to improve her pet care business. Now, she is a certified pro-dog trainer who uses training games and enrichment activities to bring out the best in the pets she cares for.

Clare Kerr RVN DipCAPBT

Clare Kerr RVN DipCAPBT

Clare has been a qualified vet nurse for the past 20 years. Throughout this time she has rescued multiple dogs all with different challenging behaviours. This encouraged her to expand her knowledge and pursue a qualification in companion animal behaviour. To this day she takes pride in working with emotionally reactive dogs to help them become happy and confident pets.